Office design – Carnaby Street

Office Design

Office design – Carnaby Street

The clients brief was to create a space for the 2 existing staff and potentially 1 more to have sufficient storage, a ‘boardroom’ to sit down with clients and also assist with the acoustics as the room had significant reverberation making it difficult to concentrate. All within a limited budget…

Cabinetry was designed around each workstation with each person having a wardrobe and 2 wall cupboards, eliminating the need for a pedestal which would have taken up more room. electrically operated sit/stand desks were provided together with acoustic wall and floor standing screens in order to absorb more sound, especially when speaking on the phone.

In order to improve the reverberation more significantly, either a carpet or acoustic ceiling tiles would’ve needed to be installed, however, the budget restricted this.

The ‘boardroom’ was segregated from the workspace by means of a designer wall covering. Though not a typical application for it, having an open shelving unit to house all the models made the change in environments subtle yet effective.

Budget: £20k

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