Space Plan – Old Street, East London

Space Plan Old Street Office Design

Space Plan – Old Street, East London

Interesting layout for a client taking on a new office in East London. Departments are now open plan with TV screens attached to acoustic panels in order to compensate for sound attenuation and assist with the internal acoustics which is a frequent issue for open plan environments. (The more solid surfaces, the less staff will be able to concentrate)

Being a basement created its own set of issues. Support columns being a primary concern as they are all over the place which meant workstation placement had to be carefully considered.

Finally, the client insisted all the staff have lunch together. This just wasn’t a feasible request based on the size of premises and number of staff. A comfortable working environment was more important than the lunch area and this took precedence. Amendments were possible to accommodate the request but would affect other areas which were crucial for the business.


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