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Battersea Basement Kitchen design

Kitchen Design – Battersea

In London, space is of a premium. As a result, the majority of my designs are minimal. This doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous with designs and colours. Quite the opposite in fact. The limitations almost encourage you to think outside the box.


When a couple in Battersea approached me and initially wanted a black and white kitchen with an island, we went through a couple of concepts. I took their architects’ floorplan and created a 3d visual of what the new basement would look like which gave them a real-world understanding of the space and what could be achieved within it.

Being a basement conversion, we had many discussions about the use of black and white. ‘Black’ isn’t a typical go-to colour due to the low ceilings and inherently dark nature of a basement. After many discussions, the colours changed.
We lost the white.
I thought black and white would be a bit too 80’s and using only white is just too clinical for a space like this and they didn’t want a wood grain. We also needed more storage space so, why not 2 islands? (the clients’ idea, which I thought was brilliant). Lighting in the handrails to add some elegance and use a lacquered gloss finish to reflect the space to make it look bigger.


An emerald green granite worktop was used, which carries on to the splash back. Useful to note that you can request the offcuts if there are any left over. In this instance, they used the offcuts for a couple of coffee tables (first image below)

All of which ties in beautifully with the grey tones they wanted for the rest of the design.


I offered some guidance on appliances, most of which are by Siemens. In this instance, I left purchasing up to them. Sometimes there are better deals to be had online.

The result is below.

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Battersea Basement Kitchen designBattersea Basement Kitchen design

Battersea Basement Kitchen design

Battersea Basement Kitchen design

Battersea Basement Kitchen design

Gloss white kitchen design

SW London Kitchen Design

White gloss kitchens are what I try and avoid designing whenever possible. It’s been done too many times, it’s too clinical and is a bit too Howdens (no offense Howdens).

So I designed a white gloss kitchen…

Kitchen and Appliances

This client was lovely. Their one prerequisite was that they wanted to keep all the appliances. As a rule this isn’t an issue at all. In this instance, however, all the appliances are American and we all know American = massive.

American appliances work in America. In London, however, space is of a premium and we were working to the millimetre on this project in order to make everything fit. I do understand why they were kept. Gaggenau* and Viking are beautiful appliances and the kind of appliances that you fix rather than replace.

The space was previously finished entirely in a walnut veneer. Which is nice and expensive but also very dark. It doesn’t make an enclosed space feel open, at all. Add 4 walls to this and not much natural light and it creates an incredibly confined space to cook and entertain in.

The solution was to take out 2 walls, adding just over a metre onto the width, supported with an exposed steel, roof lights and structural glazing together with folding doors for additional light and a more open-plan feel.

Using a minimal white gloss kitchen made the space look even more light and reflect the surroundings which also complimented the (massive) stainless steel appliances. Painting the rear wall a dark blue (Farrow & Ball, Downpipe) made the wall the focal point and still kept the contemporary open plan feel.


The quartz worktop is ‘super white’ which has a very slight grey fleck which compliments the stainless steel of the appliances. 100mm upstands behind the sink and the island installed as 1 large single piece.

Extremely happy client = Happy designer.

*I know Gaggenau are German. This particular oven was the EB333 which is rather wide.


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SW London Kitchen Design

SW London Kitchen Design

SW London Kitchen Design